See the work of SOS Médecins Grand Paris emergency doctors in images. Daily visits to our patients in Paris and in the Departments of Hauts-de-Seine (92), Seine-Saint-Denis (93) and the Val-de-Marne (94) to assist, treat and reassure.

SOS médecins comprises 1500 GPs looking after private patients to provide all types of home visit when your attending physician is away or in certain emergency medical situations.

They are health professionals who go into action day and night to guarantee your well-being and continuity of care, even out-of-hours.

There are also two medical consultation centres located in the 13th and 19th arrondissements of Paris. Our doctors see you there 7 days a week, by appointment only.

(0.15€ / min)

See below for the various people involved with your health.

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