Sore throat: What you need to know!

Communicable diseases: In a children’s collectivity: what should you do?

High temperatures: the right things to do!

Bronchiolitis in infants: What should you do?

Head Trauma: first aid!

Acute diarrhoea in infants: What you need to know!

Whooping Cough: In a children’s collectivity: what should you do?

Lyme Disease: the right things to do!

Infant feeding: first aid!

Sore throat

What you need to know!

Communicable diseases:

In a children’s collectivity: what should you do?

High temperatures

the right things to do!

Bronchiolitis in infants

What should you do?

Head trauma

first aid!

Acute diarrhoea in infants:

What you need to know!

Whooping Cough

In a children’s collectivity: what should you do?

Lyme Disease

the right things to do!

Urinary Tract Infections

What should you do?

Infant feeding

first aid!




How should I prepare for my SOS Médecins home medical visit?

To calmly benefit from treatment and an emergency medical visit , you need to put together your administrative documents and prepare your home for the arrival of the emergency doctor.

Prepare for the SOS Médecins home visit

What should I do while I am waiting for the doctors?

Has our SOS Médecins Call Centre confirmed the imminent arrival of one of our emergency doctors? Don’t panic if the doctor is delayed, our waiting times depend on the number of calls. Follow our advice…

Wait for the emergency doctor

How can you contact SOS Médecins Grand Paris?

Do you want to request an emergency visit from a GP at home ? Contact our teams by phone on 36 24 (0.12 €/min) or go on our dedicated web interface.

If you want to contact SOS Médecins Grand Paris, how does it work?

Nobody is answering when I contact the Call Centre, what should I do?

In a particular situation, or if there is a seasonal epidemic, for example, our SOS Médecins Grand Paris Call Centre may be saturated and our coordinating doctors may not be able to offer you a rapid visit from a doctor. Please be patient and understanding…

Manage your waiting time

Who are the doctors who will be coming to my home?

All our SOS Médecins GPs are concerned about providing good quality emergency medical treatment , as well as supporting and reassuring individuals in emergency situations which may be overwhelming.

See who our doctors are

The SOS Médecins application is not working, who should I contact?

If you have any questions, apart from a request for an emergency visit or a consultation, contact our association SOS Médecins Grand Paris using the contact form on the special page.

I have a non-medical question

Who must I notify if I have to go out while I am waiting for the doctor?

To avoid our SOS Médecins doctor making a fruitless visit to your home thus preventing an emergency from being dealt with at that time, it is essential for you to inform our Call Centre that you will be out.

I have a non-medical question

What documents should I give to the doctor at my home?

In order to facilitate the doctor’s job, and also the payment and reimbursement of the emergency home medical visit, our teams like you to prepare a number of important administrative documents.

Deal with the administrative details before the doctor arrives


In what cases can I request an SOS Médecins consultation?

Take note, you need to be aware that ourGPs and specialists only see patients for medical consultations in one of our two consultation Centres in special situations.

Can I request a consultation?

My doctor is away when I need to renew my prescription, so can I request a consultation?

Our SOS Médecins Medical Centres bridge the gap and provide continuity of medical care if your GP is away, but does not renew prescriptions.

See conditions for requesting an SOS Médecins consultation

My phlebologist is away, so can I call SOS Phlébologie?

The SOS Médecins Paris 13 Medical Centre shares its premises with a service for managing phlebology consultations and emergencies. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any requests while your phlebologist is away on 36 24 (0.12 €/min) or 01 47 07 77 77.

Contact SOS Phlebology

How do I make an appointment at one of the two SOS Médecins Medical Centres?

As with requests for emergency home visits, SOS Médecins advises you to make an appointment in one of our two SOS Médecins Medical Centres, by telephone on 36 24 (0.12 €/min) or on 01 47 07 77 77, or go online on our dedicated interface.

Make an appointment for an SOS Médecins consultation

Which documents are compulsory for a general medicine consultation?

When you come to our SOS Médecins Medical Centre bring with you certain administrative documents you need for the consultation to proceed correctly, especially those which are essential for reimbursement of the consultation.

See list of compulsory documents


Which are the on-duty pharmacies open at night in Paris?

Do you need medication urgently? Are you unsure about which on-duty pharmacy open 24/7 you should go to? SOS Médecins Grand Paris provides you with a list of all on-duty pharmacies in Paris (75), in Seine-Saint-Denis (93), in Hauts-de-Seine (92) and in Val-de-Marne (94).

See list of on-duty pharmacies in Paris

I live in the Ile-de-France, how can I find out which on-duty pharmacies are near me?

Use our search tool for on-duty pharmacies open every night and on all public holidays in Seine-Saint-Denis (93), Hauts-de-Seine (92) and Val-de-Marne (94), to quickly find a pharmacy near you open 24/7.

See list of on-duty pharmacies in Île-de-France


I am leaving soon for a trip outside Europe, so what vaccinations should I have?

It is important, when travelling outside Europe, to carefully prepare for your envisaged journey. Indeed, to avoid any health risk, you need to have a number of mandatory vaccinations. See list of mandatory vaccinations and those recommended for trips outside Europe.

See the SOS Vaccination list

I am getting ready to travel to Asia, do I need to be vaccinated against yellow fever?

Are you looking for information about the risk of contracting yellow fever in Asia? Ask the SOS Médecins teams at our international vaccination Centre certified for yellow fever for advice.

Contact SOS Vaccination

We are leaving soon for Africa with our children, so what specific precautions should we take?

Prepare your trip with your children with total peace of mind, thanks to our specialized advice for travellers, including recommendations about the vaccines children going to Africa must have: yellow fever, malaria and meningococcal meningitis.

See all our advice to travellers

What vaccines for which countries?

All the mandatory and/or highly recommended vaccinations are shown on the special page for the SOS Vaccinations association, divided up according to their importance. The health risks vary according to the geographical zone you intend to visit.

See our table of traveller vaccines

Back from a trip, I think I have the symptoms of a tropical disease, so who can I contact?

If you contract a tropical disease, or even if you feel concerned when you come back from a trip to health risk areas, you must quickly go to one of hospital departments for treating tropical disease in Paris and Île-de-France.

See list of specialist departments in Île-de-France


What type of contract can SOS Médecins offer me as a young doctor at the end of my training?

SOS Médecins Grand Paris offers its emergency doctors regular substitute contracts for a minimum of two weekends a month, public holidays and school holidays.

See all the contracts available to doctors

I don’t have any medical training, so can I apply for a job with SOS Médecins Grand Paris?

SOS Médecins Grand Paris’ work could not be done without the assistance of a team of call centre operators. So, if you would like to be involved in our organisation and you are interested in people, becomean SOS Médecins call centre operator.

See all the recruitment conditions for call centre operators

How can I submit my application?

Would you like to join SOS Médecins Grand Paris? Nothing could be simpler! Whether you are applying for a position as a call centre operator or a general practitioner, contact our SOS Médecins recruitment services using our special recruitment contact form.

See our SOS Médecins recruitment form


How much does Social Security reimburse for SOS Médecins?

Would you like to know to what extent Social Security will reimburse your SOS Médecins consultation performed in one of our two medical centres, or the emergency home visit by an an emergency doctor? Find the details of SOS Médecins rates for services.

Find the breakdown of the rates for SOS home visits

Find the breakdown of the rates for SOS Médecins consultations

How can I obtain reimbursement for my medical costs?

Whether you are requesting total or partial reimbursement for an SOS Médecins medical consultation, or an SOS Médecins medical home visit, you must contact our administrative department, located in the SOS Médecins 13 Medical Centre.

See the factsheets about the reimbursement of home visits in our administrative department

Obtain contact information from our administrative department for paying for an SOS Médecins consultation

What are the prices for SOS Médecins visits and consultations?

Calmly plan the payment of your medical care, for an emergency visit to your home or for a consultation in our SOS Médecins Medical Centre, using the summary of prices for SOS Médecins Grand Paris medical services.

Find the breakdown of prices for SOS Médecins home visits

Find the breakdown of prices for SOS Médecins consultations